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Screwdriver Cocktail

Screwdriver Cocktail – The easiest cocktail ever! Made with just orange juice and vodka, it’s a bright summer cocktail.

Screwdriver Cocktail

Screwdriver Cocktail

Have you ever had a screwdriver cocktail before because if not, then you are in for a treat! It doesn’t get easier than this – it’s made with just orange juice and vodka.  Mix them together and serve over ice with a slice of orange on the rim.

This recipe makes one serving but you can always double, triple, etc it if you want to make more serving.  I like to use fresh mandarin orange juice but you can really use any orange juice that you want, fresh or pre-made.

Screwdriver Cocktail Recipe


Common Questions About Making a Screwdriver Cocktail

What is a screwdriver?

A screwdriver is a cocktail that is made with vodka and orange juice.

Can I use pre-made orange juice?

Of course! While fresh juice is ideal, pre-made orange juice will still work great.

What kind of orange should I use?

Any orange will do! I used mandarin juice but a navel, blood, valencia, etc will all work.

How should I serve a screwdriver?

A screwdriver should be served on the rocks.

What kind of glass should I serve a screwdriver in?

Traditionally, it is a cocktail served in a highball glass but you can really use anything that you have on hand.

Can I sweeten a screwdriver?

Yes! Depending on the season, your orange might not be super sweet so you can sweeten the drink with 1/2-1 ounce simple syrup.

Homemade Screwdriver Cocktail

Can I make it a sparkling cocktail?

Yes! So you can use a splash of club soda or sparkling soda or you can substitute orange soda for the fresh orange juice.

What kind of garnish should I use?

This drink can be served with a wedge of lime or wheel of orange.

What other varieties of screwdrivers can I make?

Screwdrivers are so easy to customize with different flavors! Some favorite are –

  • Pineapple Screwdriver
  • Cranberry Screwdriver
  • Mango Screwdriver

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Yield: 1 Serving

Screwdriver Cocktail

Screwdriver Cocktail

Screwdriver Cocktail - The easiest cocktail ever! Made with just orange juice and vodka, it's a bright summer cocktail.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes


  • 4 ounces orange juice
  • 2 ounces vodka


  1. Add the orange juice and vodka to a cocktail shaker or pitcher and stir to combine.
  2. Strain into a glass filled with ice. Garnish with a slide of orange.
  3. Enjoy immediately.


* If you like a sugar or salt rim, fill a small dish with water or simple syrup and another small dish with sugar or salt. Dip the edge of the glass in the water/simple syrup and then into the sugar/salt. Set aside until ready to use.

* Freshly squeezed juice is preferred.

* If you prefer to serve this drink without ice in the glass, add ice to the juice and vodka to chill it before straining it into the glass.

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Screwdriver Cocktail

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